Top 10+ Công Nghệ In Bao Bì Sản Xuất Phổ Biến Nhất [2023]

Packaging printing technology in Vietnam In recent years, there has been a transformation so confident, always complete engineering and upgrading facilities, response demand about packaging abundant belong to client. Paper packaging is becoming more and more popular use wide in enterprise. Dgood score of this packaging is friendly with the environment, convenience and flexible. Together learn about the knowledge packaging printing technology good use in company printed in the article right below.

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What is packaging printing technology?

Packaging printing technology is the use of printing techniques to produce packaging for products. Packaging printing technology can use many different printing methods such as Offset printing, Flexo printing, Digital printing, Laser printing, UV printing, etc. Depending on the requirements and intended use of the product, people can will choose the most suitable printing method. Packaging printing technology also allows printing images, information, labels and other design details on packages to create attraction and promote products to consumers. In addition, packaging printing technology also plays an important role in protecting products and helping to increase the value of products.

Top 10+ packaging printing technologies popular

Offset packaging printing technology

Offset printing is one of the most popular technologies universal use best at the present time. This technology will print the information from the printing mold to the surface of the material by the type ink one or more colors below pressure affect the printer. even though was born a long time ago However until electronic publishing and cybernetics growth then the quality of offset printing is really new complete.

Use Offset printing technology has many Good mark outstanding as:

  • Print packaging with beautiful, high-quality images, color as bright as the photo.
  • Print very fast, simplehigh durability.
  • ability Printing abundant type goods such as cartons, flyers, name cards, calendars, plastic packaging, etc.

Typo packaging printing technology

Typo printing technology belongs to the traditional inkjet printing style. However Currently impossible use much in the field of packaging printing because expenses print pretty big and just fine with large format printing more than small format.

This printing technology is now available Use primarily for printing forms: Print canvas marketing communication large format; Large format outdoor or indoor panel printing.

Digital packaging printing technology

Digital printing technology is method Printing is based on digital images that are directly linked to the technology device. This device ability are computers, inkjet printers, lasers, etc.

at this time much buyer search digital printing for packaging by the advantages like:

  • Job change Printed image for each surface smoother.
  • maybe Printed on packaging surfaces quite large size and small different.
  • Data and images are loaded into the printer and printed immediately without the need for other intermediate devices.
  • Save expense and time.
  • convince very full demand Print large and small quantities.

Gravure packaging printing technology

One recipe other that’s OK use quite popular in types plastic packaging printing technology at the present time there is gravure printing. People also ability called indentation. method This use 100 microns thick copper plated printing roller for printing. These informationthe image is deeply etched and lies below print axis in at that time the unprinted part is located above the surface. Printing ink will be lead onto the printing mold so that cover engraving. After there the machine will use pressure to print information on the surface of the material when use Gravure printing technology producer key point will print in rolls.

Advantage of gravure printing ability see is:

  • Bring degree exactly High.
  • maybe Restore images with good quality.
  • maybe reprinted due to its great durability.
  • Gravure printing speed is quite fast, about 200m/min.

Flexo packaging printing technology

Flexo printing is an embossed printing technology with signal are the printed elements on the die that are located higher than the non-printed elements. Print elements are printed against the anilox axis, which feeds ink directly onto the media while printing press

Advantage of Flexo printing technology:

  • fit to print cartons, decal stickers, stickers, packaging labels, etc.
  • Printing materials abundant like plastic, metal, cellophane, etc.

Silk packaging printing technology

Silkscreen printing is a printing technique basic and long, born when there is exist of the printed silk screen. Next to therethey ability Replace the silk screen with other materials such as fabric, cotton or metal mesh.

Silk-screen printing technology has good advantages interesting like:

  • maybe print in small quantities with expenses short.
  • Can be printed on a variety of packaging materials different.
  • Print on even non-reflective material surface, Offset printing technology cannot can do this.

AB packaging printing technology

Print AB watch is the technology of printing plastic packaging basic when it is necessary to print surfaces with Content different. supplier print version A first and replace total later zinc version there new ability print version B. AB printing technology often Use to print types fertilizer bags, pesticides, rice bags, rice bags, etc.

Proof packaging printing technology

When use Proof printing technology, the designer will pre-print the sample and give it client sign for approval color for print. Sample printout is intended to check Finished products when printed meet the standard necessary for design or not.

One note Small is a Proof print use do standard check color Offset printing technology. Prints on color machines with laser or inkjet printing technology will not be compatible with this Proof print.

UV packaging printing technology

producer will use UV ink for printing. This technology effect ART, bring to High yield and material on many materials.

Lithograph packaging printing technology

recipe lithographable use printing on smooth surface for production types semiconductor materials and MEMS.

Self-returning packaging printing technology

Self-return printing use for double-sided printing exactly the same. once finished printing one side firstthe printer will automatically reverse to print to the other surface.

Basic process of packaging printing technology

Outside use advanced plastic packaging printing technologies and modern then procedure Professional manufacture also contribute very big on value of finished product. One producer use printing packaging in the right order specifically then it will produce high quality packaging, sharp images, standard sizes, etc procedure basic in plastic packaging printing include steps are as follows:

  • Processing plastic beads: producer Importing high quality primary plastic granules. Besides required Add additives such as anti-stick, decomposer, anti-UV agent, etc. to make sure machining quality. Ratio ratio of the right materials exactly the best is new ability produce finished products complete and quality.
  • Plan: producer will design file model based on the idea of buyer and agree with buyer before printing. After progress discussion and unifying ideas complete, producer will calculate percent plastic beads exactly to let out product complete.
  • Mixing materials: After having calculate ratio plastic beads, they will be put into the mixer to proceed to the production of packaging.
  • Blowing finished product packaging: after Mix ingredients, mix will be heated at temperature finenext there is blown up very strongly. above allthey are connected in a tubular form and pass through the Department of the machine blow. After therefinished product packaging will be convert to roll by index private.
  • Printing Packaging: After having There is a plain packaging for the finished product producer will print accordingly file agreed design before. Apply printing technology modern to keep for photo shoot high solution, color standard as a template.

Plastic packaging printing process

recipe printed plastic packaging

Criteria selective stable packaging printing technology

According to Mr. Pham Xuan Da, Director of the Southern Department of Work, Ministry of Science and Technology, “Printing and packaging is one of the most important industries in the world. help most effective service for industrial production, the most important is compare to food processing industry”. Sojob search plastic packaging printing technology Fit is the thing that gets a lot company considered.

So how to Select printing technology fine with company mine? below are the criteria for comment Okay use popular:

  • dependent Material to be printed: For each plastic material dissimilarity such as PE plastic, PP plastic, PVC plastic, PC plastic, PET plastic, etc. will have to software methods print different.
  • dependent Quantity to print: depend on quantity goods for 1 print how much is included? which determines the print type. VDsmall quantity printing, screen printing, digital printing will be optimal expense best. opposite, desire In bulk printing with fast progress, offset printing is the best.
  • the components other: Besidesthe request different in the number of colors printed, printing time… also is the criterion for printing studios to consider and advise you on the type of printing the best.

Some thing note about packaging printing technology

As you know, now in the user community packaging printing from 2022 to 2023, there is no shortage of printing establishments: Private and small printing establishments; Printing facility belongs to enterprise, medium scale; Large-scale printing facility in the form of a printing press.

Therefore, print quality & price packaging printing is difference. However overview are VALUED based on:

– Print quality and print speed (per minute): What is the generation and generation of printing technology. For examplethe same 4-color Offset printer will have a model from 2007 to 2022 (latest), resulting in a huge difference in print quality / print speed between the old and new model.

– Time delivery Goods: Fast printing (2 – 3 days) is always more expensive than economical printing (7 – 10 days) when ordering packaging. Except for the case order packaging printing (partner), fast printing from 1-2 days it’s done.

– Service help Related: Design, print sample, deliveryexchange, VAT. have been included or NOT included in the packaging printing fee.

Socustomers must find out carefully consider the point of printing the packaging and consider the price of the printing press (total) whether it is expensive or cheap compare to market to ensure Your benefits are the best.


So ‘s post Hocmay I have compiled for you regular packaging printing technologies use at the printing shops Currently. Job search What printing technology will depending on characteristic product, desire belong to client and Department printing factory techniques. Access more related information at Please.

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